Apple POS

If you’ve ever been to an Apple store, you may have noticed a Windows logo on their POS system. Since Apple is all about promoting their MAC operating systems as more efficient than PC operating systems, this came to be quite a surprise.

Well, now MAC has introduced the EasyPay Touch POS, which enables payments via credit, debit and cash. The EasyPay Touch POS makes use of the iPod Touch, which is custom built for POS usage. The iPod touch, in combination with a magnetic stripe reader, advanced barcode scanner and Apple software is engineered to speed up transactions. The EasyPay Touch will revolutionize Apple’s POS, giving them more control while allowing consumers to see the iPod touch in action.

Currently the system will be used exclusively by Apple in some of their stores, but I’m wondering if there are plans to sell the EasPay Touch to other retailers. Since Apple products have caught on quickly, and pretty much revolutionized the world of mobile computing, I would not be surprised if this new POS system ultimately became the standard in retail POS. We’ll just have to wait and see what more Apple has in store for us!