Apple iPhone 6 Has NFC… Kind Of.

After years of speculating whether or not the next iPhone would be NFC-enabled, we can finally rejoice… but, not really. The iPhone 6 will use NFC technology, but it will only work with their latest app—Apple Pay. So, what does this mean?

Apple not including NFC in its devices over the past few years has definitely hindered its widespread use. However, by incorporating NFC in the iPhone 6, yet limiting users to how they can use the technology, it does not do much good for developers and exploring different ways the technology can be used.

Yes, the inclusion of NFC technology in the iPhone 6 will encourage more people to use the technology through Apple Pay, but it will greatly hinder the development of cross-platform apps and the overall open source spirit that could occur had they given users access to the full capabilities of the technology.

Companies like PayPal could have hugely benefitted from Apple fully allowing NFC on their devices, and are fighting back.

On some levels, it’s no surprise that Apple is forcing users to use their own proprietary mobile payment app—they’re not exactly known for their open source friendliness. Even their phone chargers are exclusive to Apple devices, unlike with Android devices, which simply use Micro USB ports.

How do you feel about Apple choosing to limit users’ NFC usage with their proprietary app and how will it affect the role of NFC in the global marketplace?

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