Apple Hinders Use of NFC-based Apps

Approximately 1.5 years have passed since our last speculation as to whether or not Apple will incorporate NFC technology into its devices. And while predictions are still being made, no one is certain what the iPhone 6 will mean for NFC technology.

Because of Apple’s huge market share, their lack of NFC technology has a definitive influence on how organizations build their apps.

For example, when Suncorp Bank recently introduced a new feature to its mobile banking app called QuickShare, they decided against NFC technology specifically because of Apple’s lack of integration. The new feature allows customers to share their account details through SMS or QR code.

While most would agree that NFC is a superior technology to QR codes, Suncorp Bank, like many other companies, shied away from NFC because of Apple’s lack of support for the technology and their large market share.

Do you think Apple will incorporate NFC technology into their iPhone 6? Isn’t it about time we all made the switch from QR codes?

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