App Uses Barcodes to Keep Track of Immunization Records

Countermind Mobile Intelligence and Denver Public Health worked together to develop an app for use in mass immunization campaigns. The app, called Hand-held Automated Notification for Drugs and Immunizations (HANDI), allows healthcare workers to register individuals, easily collect all of their necessary information, track immunizations and transfer the data into the appropriate databases.

The app uses mobile devices equipped with barcode scanner attachments in order to complete a three-step process. First, a worker scans or swipes their employee ID number and the barcode on the patient’s license. Then, a mobile barcode printer prints a barcoded label that serves as an identifier for the patient. Then, the barcode is scanned in order to record information about the patient’s health. The barcode is scanned once more to record information about the vaccination they just received. From there, all of the information is saved on a server and sent to the designated registry.

“The main goal of HANDI is to support efficient public health immunization and treatment activities through rapid collection and transfer of standardized data,” said Melissa McClung of Denver Public Health.

It’s always nice to see barcoding technology used in healthcare—HANDI will help better keep track of health records and ensure everyone is up-to-date on their immunizations.