Apex Axcess Automated Locker Systems

Investing in the latest technology is an important step to streamlining and updating business systems. While purchasing the devices and teaching employees how best to use them represents a significant commitment, it’s also just the first step. In order for the devices to work, they must be charged, easy to locate, secure, and completely accessible. Keeping track of and servicing handheld devices, wireless and hands-free technology takes time away from other critical tasks, and replacing missing equipment is expensive.

Apex Supply Chain Technologies provides an innovative and simple way to manage critical technological equipment by offering automated dispensing systems that keep devices secure while providing 24/7 access for authorized employees. The Apex Axcess Automated Locker System eliminates the manual check-out and check-in process so productivity is never limited by equipment availability.

Strategically located at the point-of-use, this locker system reduces the time employees spend searching for critical equipment. This innovative automated dispensing system are a great way to heighten visibility, organize, and track scanners, data terminals, batteries, and radios. When items are checked in, they can be set to charge immediately, reducing the required downtime.

Apex Connect n’ Go Technology allows users to quickly and easily connect the Axcess Automated Locker System to the Internet and a power source. The Trajectory Cloud data management service is all that’s necessary to track the system’s activity from any browser in any location. With real-time visibility, the system notifies administrators when items are overdue and when they require service or calibrating.

Locate critical assets immediately, track their service requirements, and keep detailed records of the condition of equipment while eliminating the need for software, servers, and IT support. The Trajectory Cloud, Apex Connect n’ Go Technology, and Apex Axcess Automated Locker Systems work together to make this system easy to use and easy to afford.

Everything is possible with a system that allows users to track the location of critical equipment while accessing a database that pinpoints who is responsible for each device, when it requires calibration or servicing, and track trends that help streamline distribution.

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Watch the video below to see the locker in action!