Another Success Story for Barcoding, Inc. and Cradlepoint

Internet connectivity is vitally important in the modern business environment, as energy provider Mirabito Holdings, Inc. learned the hard way. The firm, which offers products like propane, heating oil, gasoline, natural gas, kerosene and diesel fuels, used broadband internet as its sole source of data in the 101 retail convenience stores it operates. When the stores experienced occasional network outages, Mirabito’s tech systems often struggled to connect or function properly. This problem extended to the credit card network, which meant customers couldn’t be helped, leading to unhappy customers and lost revenue.

Mirabito Holdings, Inc. Chief Information Officer Eric M. Bunts said they set out to find a solution that would allow their stores to remain connected even when the internet was down. Through their cellular network provider Verizon Wireless, Mirabito was introduced to supply chain efficiency and connectivity leaders Barcoding, Inc. Barcoding outfitted Mirabito’s stores with routers from Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Enterprise Cloud Manager and routers, allowing them to manage devices remotely and enjoy uninterrupted access to their supply chain. In addition, Barcoding, Inc. providing device staging services.

Bunts was full of praise for the Barcoding team, highlighting the way in which they assessed their needs and came up with a customized solution that went above and beyond expectations. He said they stood out from other vendors because of their ability to not only supply the products but also to look at their processes and find a way to help them get where they wanted to be.

Satisfaction for Mirabito and its Customers

The new cellular network backup has given Mirabito another level of internet connectivity, and it also offers them metrics and reports that can be used to enhance their offerings even further. Bunts says they’ve noted an enormous drop in lost connectivity and an increase in their ability to resolve any issues that arise. He said that this was ultimately one of their easiest and most streamlined implementations thanks to the skills of the Barcoding team.

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