Android OS Gaining Popularity with Enterprise Businesses

The Android OS continues to gain popularity for use with enterprise businesses.

IntelliTrack, a leading provider of inventory management software, recently announced its decision to support the Android Operating System (OS) in its mobile computing platform.

Android OS offers versatility, supporting both the onsite standard storage of data and IntelliTrack’s STRATUS line of inventory tracking. The application is completely custom designed, so it can be used on both industrial and consumer grade mobile computers, allowing users to select the device that’s right for them while still enjoying the easy-to-use Android OS.

In order to make the Android OS more compatible with enterprise businesses, there’s a built in multi-user login, enhanced security features, enterprise peripheral support, one version of the application across different operating systems, automated updates for device management and integrated barcode scanning.

With companies like IntelliTrack integrating the Android OS into their business, it’s clear that Android is gaining popularity both in the consumer and enterprise marketplace.

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