Android M And Mobicontrol A Perfect Team For Enterprise IT

Enterprise mobility management experts SOTI now offer same-day support for Android Marshmallow via their market-leading Android for Work technology.

Enterprise IT departments can give their efficiency and productivity a nice boost thanks to the combination of Android Marshmallow and MobiControl. Improvements have been made to Certificate Management, Permissions, Applications, and VPN.

One of the top features of Android M is it simplified setup process for IT administrators in order to provide more options when it comes to out-of-the-box provisioning. It also boasts improved over-the-air system update management that can allow devices to auto-accept OS updates or even postpone them for a set number of days depending on the needs of the administrator. It also offers the ability to set and lock app permissions.

Android M also brings users improved security management options such as fingerprint authentication, safe boot controls, and factory reset for compatible devices. In addition, it allows for the silent installation and uninstallation of apps that can be managed through the device’s management console.

Smoother End User Experience

All of this results in a much smoother experience for the end user. Now-on-Tap can help users get more out of devices, but the improvements in power optimization are perhaps the strongest benefit. App Standby and Doze can extend the life of a device’s battery by a noticeable amount. App Standby helps keep track of power usage and limits the amount of power that apps use when they are idle. Doze will put the OS into sleep mode automatically after a standby period has elapsed. During sleep mode, Wi-Fi scanning, app updates, and network access will be limited in order to preserve battery life.

Altogether, MobiControl and Android Marshmallow are now making life easier for end users and enterprise IT administrators alike.