Android in the Enterprise: Remote Management & Security

The Android OS has revolutionized the consumer-based smartphone market, but what about enterprise-grade devices? Honeywell recently published a whitepaper on making the Android OS enterprise-ready.

Remotely managing and installing enterprise-grade devices running the Android OS can be challenging. While there are many third-party options that build remote management and security solutions for Android, to truly manage the devices, remote management vendors need root access to devices, which requires close collaboration with hardware vendors. Without this collaboration, off-the-shelf remote management Android solutions have limited capabilities when it comes to managing devices across multiple mobile device OEMs.

While the AIDC industry has been historically dominated by Windows-based devices, the popularity of the Android OS in the consumer marketplace and its ease of development have made it a prime candidate for enterprise applications, in addition to:

  • More AIDC end-users expect their rugged mobile devices to have a similar user experience to their consumer-grade smartphones. Similar user experiences create an ease-of-adoption, lowering the training costs associated with deployment.
  • Android OS is highly optimized for touch-screen applications
  • Google Play has plenty of pre-existing apps that could help enterprise users in their daily activities

Although Android remote management systems can be inconsistent, Honeywell offers a remote mobile device management solution, Remote MasterMind, which uses an OEM device management engine. With Remote MasterMind, Android vulnerabilities, such as security, are addressed, greatly reducing the workload for IT personnel.

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