American Apparel Uses RFID

American Apparel, a LA-based fashion retailer, manufacturer and distributor has over 200 retail stores in 18 countries and is still growing! With all of their apparel manufactured in the US, including the knitting, dying, cutting, sewing, and design, it was always a challenge to keep track of so much stock (over 26,000 SKU items). In order to reduce the amount of lost sales due to out-of-stock clothing, American Apparel needed a more efficient system to keep track of their inventory.

It was clear that what American Apparel needed was an item-letvel RFID solution to control its manufacturing, distribution and retail operations, allowing them to receive benefits not only on the retail floor, but also throughout their supply chain.

In order to begin the RFID implementation, American Apparel decided to pilot the solution at its Columbia University location in New York City, which functions not only as a store, but also as the return center for all of the American Apparel stores in New York. American Apparel deployed the Motorola MC9090-G handheld RFID reader, paired with Motorola XR440 fixed readers and Avery labels in order to track stock moving from the backrook to the sales floor, in addition to tracking the inventory at the POS for real-time tracking.

After testing was done in the pilot store, American Apparel was quickly able to see that its new RFID system increased sales by keeping a well-stocked store. Item-level tagging also allowed for a more accurate inventory count in much less time, allowing workers to spend more time with the customers and less time counting inventory. After great success at the Columbia Universtiy pilot store, American Apparel began ro implement their RFID solution at each of its 17 stores in the New York area, in addition to the Santa Monica, California store. American Apparel plans on implementing the RFID solution to all of its U.S. locations in the near future, due to the great results and evident ROI.

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