America West Gets Tracking with Intermec

America West AirlinesAmerica West, the second-largest low-fare airline in the United States, carries mail for the United States Postal Service and needed to begin a tracking system in order to meet new requirements for the USPS.

The new requirements were tight; the Postal Service demanded that all carriers deploy a mail-tracking system within four months. All mail would have to be tracked at each change of custody, whether the change was between carrier employees or to outside organizations. This data would then have to be delivered to the Postal Service within two hours of each possession change.

America West knew that its future tracking system would need a mobile computer that could scan barcodes, a wireless provider for sending data, and a software platform to run it all. Through careful consideration of all its options, methodical testing and input from its workers who actually had to use the new system, America West was able to develop and implement a mail-tracking system within 65 days…with help from Intermec Technologies.

The Intermec 760 Color mobile computer with integrated scanning and wide-area wireless capabilities was eventually decided upon because of its effective scanner, lightweight, and ruggedness. Once paired with the proper software, it was now time to get everything implemented as quickly as possible.

America West ordered 170 Intermec mobile computers, and after staff training, the new tracking system was officially deployed.

When the Postal Service drops off mail at any of America West’s airport mail stations, an America West mail handler scans the identification tag on each bin with the integrated scanner on the Intermec 760 mobile computer. From there,iIdentification information is downloaded and sent in batches across a wireless network via the Intermec 760 mobile computer’s internal wide-area wireless radio. The information then travels to America West’s data center in Phoenix , where it is compiled, formatted and sent directly to the Postal Service through a T1 line. Whenever the mail changes hands, its identification tag is scanned and its status updated.

By implementing a tracking system with the Intermec 760 mobile computer, America West was able to not only meet USPS regulations, but also find a more efficient way to work.

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