Your Amazon Package Spends Just One Minute in Human Hands

Given the vast amount of products for sale on Amazon today, it’s easy to imagine the process of fulfilling orders being quite time-consuming. Surprisingly, however, this is not the case at all. In fact, according to a recent report on CNN Money, once you’ve picked your Amazon delivery box up off of your doorstep and opened it up, you’ve already spent more time handling it than Amazon employees do throughout its entire warehouse journey.

The level of optimization Amazon has brought to its warehouses is simply remarkable. It’s reached the point where employees now spend about a minute in total taking the item off of the shelf, putting in a box, and shipping it. All of the other work is carried out using automated systems and robots.

Robots Boost Efficiency

In fact, the introduction of robots two years ago has enabled Amazon to store 50 percent more inventory because the shelves that house items can be packed more tightly. Pickers are also more efficient than humans because they stand in place and can pick more goods per shift than people, who have to walk up and down the many long aisles of items to find the right ones.

On a recent tour of Amazon’s Baltimore facility, CNN marveled as some Amazon packers managed to assemble the correct box, place bubble wrap inside, tape up the package, apply a barcode, and set it back on the conveyor belt in just 15 seconds. Of course, the machine that dispenses just the right amount of packing tape to accommodate the box in question makes this process a lot more efficient, although it is down to the packers to decide the right amount of bubble wrap to use.

After passing along a conveyor belt and being stamped with an address label by a robot, the package then heads to chutes that direct it to the right truck. An employee will then place it onto the truck itself, and that marks the last time your package will come into contact with an Amazon warehouse employee before it reaches you.

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