Amazon Delivery Drones Closer to Becoming Reality

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently spoke out about the latest developments in his implementation of delivery drones.

He shed some light on how his drones know where they should land, saying that it was simply a matter of printing out a symbol on a printer and placing it in a landing field to show the vehicle precisely where it should land. Bezos added that if the drone “sees anything that makes it nervous, it can divert or phone home for help.”

He confirmed that the delivery drones are entirely autonomous, navigating and landing by themselves and flying at speeds that exceed 50 miles per hour. He added that the drones have a range of 20 miles round trip and are able to deliver packages that weigh up to five pounds.

Drones Being Tested in the UK

Amazon has been testing the drones in the UK in response to changes that the FAA made this summer to the rules governing commercial drones. Bezos praised the UK’s equivalent to the FAA, the CAA, for its cooperation. The testing is currently taking place in Cambridge, where research and development as well as test flights are being carried out.

Back in 2013, Bezos revealed his plans to implement drone deliveries in an appearance on 60 Minutes. He said at the time that he thought they were about four or five years away from making their debut, and now they appear a lot closer to becoming a reality.

Bezos received the Pathfinder award on account to his significant contributions to the aerospace industry. His rocket company, Blue Origin, helped him clinch the honor, which is given to people who have connections to the Pacific Northwest.

One of the awards’ managers, the Museum of Flight, said that he was a “perfect manifestation of a Pathfinder, implementing technology for the present, and future benefit of humankind.” The awards were established in 1982, and the ceremony takes place in Seattle.

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