AisleBuyer App: Barcode Scanning for Self-Checkout

If you’re a big online shopper, then you know how much time it can save you, but sometimes it doesn’t always fulfill that need for the shopping experience—being able to touch, smell and see things up close and personal. So, you go to the mall seeking a more real experience, only to discover horrendous lines at the check-out. Well, now there’s an app for that.

AisleBuyer is an iPhone app that makes in-store experiences more like online shopping by allowing customers to scan product barcodes for more information, reviews, and coupons. Users can even add items to their carts as they shop, making checking out a simple click of a button.

In a pilot test of the app, retailers greatly benefited by avoiding long checkout lines, which gave cashiers more time to help customers, improving merchandising overall. In addition, the app even collects analytics as users shop! Once data is collected, stores will be able to text message customers special offers based on previous shopping experiences, ultimately giving customers the deals they crave, while saving stores money on the cost of printing coupons.

AisleBuyer draws product information from the store’s website, so its important that stores already have a robust website with detailed product descriptions. One major concern among retailers is theft. Although self-checkouts have reduced employee thefts, theft is still a concern.

While the app is only for the iPhone at present, it plans on expanding to Blackberry and Android platforms as well. The app is still new, but if AisleBuyer can get enough stores to sign up, this could change shopping as we know it.

Linking the real world to the online world is not a new concept, as exemplified by QR codes, but linking actual shopping to online shopping is fairly new, particularly the aspect of creating your own personal shopping cart on your phone and being able to check out so easily.

Only time will tell if AisleBuyer will truly catch on, but with 8,000 stores already signed up, I’d say they are off to a pretty good start. Learn more about AisleBuyer by watching the below video, and let us know if you think it will catch on by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.