Air New Zealand Passengers in Store for Speedy Check-in with RFID Technology

New Zealand Air Gets RFIDAir New Zealand has invested the equivalent of over $16 million USD to install 112 new RFID capable kiosks and 84 gate scanners at 26 airports. This technology will deem them one of the first airlines in the world to offer RFID-enabled self-scanned check-in and boarding services.

So far, the RFID-enabled ePass has been issued to 100,000 Air New Zealand Gold Elite, Gold, and Silver customers in order to provide such regular travelers with a permanent and reusable boarding pass.

In the long run, the use of RFID technology will reduce bag-check lines and customer waiting times, making boarding as simple as possible. In addition to simplicity, Air New Zealand’s reusable RFID Boarding pass solution is a green alternative that eliminates the need for paper documents. And, unlike paper documents, the e-pass is similar in size to a small bar-code sticker, making it perfect for attaching to mobile phones so passengers never have to worry about forgetting it!

While forgetting the pass isn’t an issue, some may be concerned about security issues, but rest assured. The RFID epass is secure because it doesn’t contain any personal information, only a unique sequence of numbers that acts as a tag identifier. Passengers’ information is only stored in Air New Zealand’s IT system, and is only accessed upon departure at the gate.

In addition to boarding, passengers will also be able to use their ePass to check baggage at the kiosks and place it directly onto the conveyor belt, eliminating the usual wait that comes with checking baggage. Instead, passengers simply scan their RFID ePass tag at the check-in kiosk and load their bags on the conveyor.

Air New Zealand is confident that they have a great solution that will save frequent travelers time while still maintaining their privacy. As more and more airlines are switching to solutions that make use of RFID or 2D barcode technology, it’s only a matter of time before we’re all saving time at the airport!