Advantech-DLoG’s Industrial Newest Logistics Terminal

Comes with IGEL Linux Thin Client
IGEL Technology has partnered up with Advantech-DLoG, (a pioneer in designing and manufacturing industrial personal computers as well as in-vehicle terminal products) on their latest innovative tech, which is known as DLT-V72, the latest generation of vehicle terminal series. The company’s primary focus on developing highly durable industrial PCs was to provide industries with multifunctional and rugged suitability for a plethora of logistics applications.

The industrial PCs will now come with the IGEL Linux OS. And the collaboration between the two tech companies have resulted in a positive outcome—the PCs can now be managed via remote access points more conveniently and faster than before. This was done through installing the UMS (Universal Management Suite) software. The software also comes with free IGEL applications and solutions as well as dovetail, which can be seamlessly integrated into all IT infrastructures.

Another benefit of this creative partnership is straightforward integration and implementation of Advantech-DLoG WLAN drivers in Linux’s operating system and firmware. This guarantees streamlined roaming between numerous access points given on a WLAN without encountering any complications pertaining to signal dropouts.
With the advanced DLT-V72, both companies are working to present a highly efficient design amalgamation of software and hardware as a perfect one-stop-solution. The DLT-V72 advanced series is next in line to succeed the company’s highly successful MTC-6 model series, which IGEL and DLoG used to form their technological partnership more than four years ago.

This newer line of in-vehicle terminals are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions and are built durably to also not to be affected by other elements such as dust, grime, hard knocks, falls and vibrations. What this does is considerably reduce the need for any sort of maintenance and/or repairs, guaranteeing consistent and continuous usage.

Apart from the device’s powerfully enhanced processor technology and comprehensive configuration alternatives, the DLT-V72 generation of in-vehicle terminals has a plethora of wireless innovations as well as interfaces. The devices are available in both 10” and 12” models, and can be simply and efficiently mounted on any logistics vehicle with the use of brackets.

Reduced Maintenance and Management Expenses due to Centralized Management
IGEL’s Linux OS integration enables streamlined access to a centrally managed IT infrastructure, which is duly provisioned through the incorporation of Citrix XenApp/Xen Desktop, VMware Horizon, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and plenty of other software.

Moreover, commonly used web browsers can provide the integration required to connect the interface with cloud services. And as a direct outcome of that, the DLT-V72 series from Advantech – DLoG can simply be executed as a universal client, which is also perfect for hybrid environments.

Integrating the use of IGEL UMS management software allows users to manage and control a host of setting through vehicle terminals via remote access. The in-vehicle terminals can also be controlled in categorically placed profiles. This efficient features enables settings to be conveniently predefined, which means you will be able to assign them faster, through just a couple of clicks of the mouse.