Advantech DLoG XMT 5/7 Vehicle Mount Terminal

Finding the right vehicle mount terminal is no easy task—they can often be too large, taking up valuable space and blocking drivers’ views.

Meet the DLoG XMT 5/7 vehicle mount terminal, a compact terminal that’s still packed with all the latest technology. The DLoG XMT 5/7 is ideal for small spaces, such as on a fork lift truck, and can easily be mounted within any driver’s cabin. In addition, the DLoG XMT 5/7 features:

  • WWAN – EDGE 2.5G / GSM Quadband
  • WLAN with integrated diversity antenna
  • GPS
  • CAN – V2.0B, V2.0A
  • Microsoft Windows CE 6.0
  • Durable in deep-freeze use
  • Fanless design
  • Advantech-DLoG certified touch screen design
  • Embedded terminal with modular design
  • Full range of functionality despite the space-saving form factor
  • Individual mounting brackets
  • Lean design
  • Extensive line of accessories: Barcode scanner, card reader, printer, etc.

Learn more about how the DLoG XMT 5/7 vehicle mount terminal can help your warehouse operations.

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