Advantages of Smart Printers

Companies are constantly trying to work smarter, not harder. While there are an many different suggestions out there, a growing trend is to look at more all-in-one solutions, such as a “smart” printer. By using a smart printer, business can change the structure of their printing operations, which ultimately streamlines and improved processes that reduce operating costs sand improve reliability.

While many printers may have control panels and LCD screens, the “smartness” truly comes from the programmability of them. More specifically, smart printers are able to perform print jobs independently of the PC. Because of this, their internal memory allows for more prompts, user input and function keys on the LCD itself.

Companies who use smart printers will be able to:

  • Operate independently of a computer
  • Maintain databases
  • Execute transactions
  • Connect to barcode scanners and other equipment
  • Format variable data
  • Operate in mobile environments
  • By using a smart printer, companies do not have to worry about PC placement or network access, providing the flexibility to work more efficiently while keeping costs down.

    For more information on smart printers, download the full Intermec White Paper: A Guide to Smart Printing.