Advancing the Customer Experience

It’s no secret that AIDC giant Zebra is a fan of the Internet of Things—they even created a whole new sector of their business called Zatar to better explore it in-depth. The Harvard Business Review recently featured Zebra in a new report regarding their IoT adoption, and using the cloud and mobile as a way to improve customer experience.

Although most executives can agree on the fact that better customer experiences will provide a competitive advantage, the vast majority of companies struggle to correlate customer experience investments to actual business outcomes.

So, we must ask ourselves:

  • What prompts organizations to make customer experience a strategic priority, and what ensures cusses?
  • How do companies keep the momentum going and increase focus on specific customer experience challenges whose impact on business outcomes isn’t always clear?

Read the Harvard Business Review’s report to discover the answer to these questions, along with three strategies to perfect your customer experience.

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