Addressing Modernization and Migration in Supply Chain Environments: Part Two

ZebraTC8000-beforeIf you haven’t read our post from December 21, do yourself a favor and check it out! This is part two of our two-part series on Terminal Emulation, featuring Padraig Regan, StayLinked General Manager, Europe.

Positives of Customer Frustration and Communication
Customers who had great enthusiasm and excitement around transforming their TE apps by modernizing them are StayLinkeds’ biggest targets. “These companies go through the initial process of trying to modernize their old software and then become very frustrated, says Regan. “They almost give up on the idea of being able to modernize their apps and use the new devices.”

As StayLinked starts to address these company’s concerns, something clicks. “Companies that were initially frustrated can see that the plan that they originally had is back on the table again,” he says. “Often times, they didn’t realize that there was an alternative, because StayLinked, especially in Europe, wasn’t very well known.” Regan explains that the StayLinked architecture and approach are very different than what has been introduced in the field before.

Because StayLinked has such confidence in the product and the way it works, they’re able to show the customer how quickly the applications can become touch-navigable on the new device— immediately. “So, one of the positive results is the communication with a frustrated customer, seeing their planned project get back on track,” he says, “which is happening more often than ever before, thanks to StayLinked.”

Effect on Productivity
Supply chain environments have been put under a huge amount of added pressure over the last few years. Amazon has had an enormous impact on the industry, no matter how big or small the company. “Logistics and warehousing and fulfillment processes are under pressure to be able to keep up with the likes of Amazon,” he says. ”And to have incredibly efficient, effective processes where you always know exactly what you’ve got and where it is, as well as the need to turn around an order in a very short amount of time.”

He adds, “The hardware is great—new scanning and imaging technology provides faster speeds, larger ranges, and increased accuracy. The networking capabilities—not just in the devices, but the infrastructure network capabilities—that are now available, are amazing.”

However, there’s a crucial point to consider. “The important thing here is: the hardware is nothing without the software to go with it,” he says. “There’s an obvious change in the industry. Years ago, people would just buy the nicest or cheapest hardware, and just put software on it. In the last 12-18 months, nobody buys hardware in isolation anymore.”

Because the user experience has changed a lot—the keyboard is gone most cases—companies need to make sure that the new user experience is intuitive and does allow the worker to be as productive. “There are a lot of software innovations that StayLinked has come out with to take advantage of, and work well with, the hardware innovations,” he says.

ZebraTC8000-afterExamples of Innovation
Regan explains, “The physical keyboard is gone. So, when the program says, ‘Please enter the number of items picked’, there needs to be an easy way to do that. If it’s in an environment where you’ve got a touchscreen-only device, if you’re wearing gloves, and you want to be productive and not make mistakes, then you should give somebody the ability to type that in, but also to see what they’re typing in.”

To solve this, StayLinked had to deliver innovative keyboards. They came up with a new solution that and is a transparent, full-screen keyboard. “Because it’s transparent and the keys are large,” he says, “workers can see the application screen behind, as well as the keyboard in front. So, it gives the ‘old’ experience, where the user could see the screen and the keyboard at the same time and touch the keyboard to see how that affected the screen.”

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