Add Some Color to Your Barcode Labels

While adding color to your barcode labels is always a nice touch, many are concerned with the cost of color. However, in a recent study from Brother, it was found that the cost of color printing is declining. In fact, the two price points of color and mono printing are predicted to meet as early as 2011.

While most companies own black and white label printers, the total cost of ownership of for color printers will eventually meet that of black and white printers, allowing companies to spruce up their labels. Judging by current trends, the price points should meet at approximately mid-2011. However, it is arguable that the two costs may not meet due to added technical complexities in the color printer and supply manufacturing processes.

A Brother technology expert, Tony Tarnowski, stated that, “…the price of drums and toner has fallen over time and this has made color printing more cost effective.”

While only time will tell if color printing will be as affordable as mono printing, its safe to say that costs have been steadily decreasing, and with advancements in printing technology, color label printers can print just as fast as their black and white counterparts.

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