Adaptive Supply Chains

In the pharmaceutical industry, the supply chain is crucial in ensuring the right drugs are delivered at the right time. With today’s fast-paced needs, manufacturers are redefining their route to market—they need to be able to respond to market requirements and quickly adapt to change.

Some may argue that its impossible for a supply chain to be both flexible and efficient, but it is possible for an adaptive supply chain to be both. Adaptive supply chains are driven by customer demand, allowing manufacturers to gain a competitive advantage and react to market changes, all while improving flexibility and driving efficiency.

Time-to-market is decreasing, but traceability and visibility are more important than ever, so how can pharmaceutical companies keep up and create and adaptive supply chain?

First, their entire supply chain needs to be assessed to determine their needs and areas of improvements. The supply chain can be used to gain the competitive advantage in the market, and pharmaceutical manufacturers need to challenge traditional approaches in order to achieve an adaptive supply chain.

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