A Coffee Chat with Abt Electronics – #SupplyChainGeekDay Video of the Week

Welcome to another post in our Video of the Week series, where we’ve been recapping a session from our #SupplyChainGeekDay Summit event. For today’s video, we are featuring our partner Abt Electronics.

About Abt Electronics
The featured guest in today’s video is Dave Iffland, Network/Infrastructure Manager of Abt Electronics. Abt Electronics is a Chicago-based retailer, distributor and final-mile organization, serving customers since 1936.

Their business model exemplifies the idea of people, process and technology, demonstrating continuous improvement and flexibility over the 84 years they’ve been in business. A few years ago, Abt integrated voice-picking and automation technology. This update gave Abt a competitive edge during the time of COVID-19, when e-commerce orders “pretty much quadrupled in the days that we were in lockdown,” explained Iffland.

An Android Success Story
Abt’s story is an example of the importance of staying up-to-date and leveraging new technologies as they become available, allowing an organization to stay agile and adapt to new conditions. Abt is an early adopter of Android and they’ve already begun to reap the benefits of Android migration.

“The migration to Android has been excellent. It’s been a better solution than Windows Mobile. We integrated with an MDM called SOTI MobiControl and it allows us to control our devices within the four walls and outside on our delivery fleet,” says Iffland.

Android and SOTI MobiControl allows the Abt fleet to take their devices on-the-go by providing the users’ daily workflow, including tasks, directions, and important updates. It allows for optimized communication between customer and driver, as well as between driver and the warehouse.

Learn more about SOTI MobiControl here https://www.barcoding.com/blog/soti-mobicontrol/.

Also, be sure to head to our Android Resource Center for everything you need to make the switch to Android, including our Future Proof Your Supply Chain Report and other resources.

Watch and Learn
View the full session below to learn more:

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