A Closer Look at Yard Management

In order to achieve the highest level of yard, doc and gate operation efficiency, a proper yard management system (YMS) can make all the difference. By combining real-time location tracking with full yard visibility, a YMS allows you to automate workflow, synchronize yard operations, eliminate manual yard checks and integrates with existing WMS systems.

By ensuring the continuous flow of materials and goods between transportation systems and distribution centers, productivity and throughput increase. Zebra Technologies offers a YMS that features:

  • Automatic parking assignment
  • Automatic door assignment
  • Check-out blocking rules
  • Gate-to-door rules
  • Directed task assignment
  • Inbound scheduling
  • Outbound scheduling
  • Door-to-door moves
  • Exclusion zones
  • Door manager
  • Trailer pools
  • Automatic yard inventory
  • Alerts
  • Automatic pick-up notification
  • Scheduled e-mail
  • System interfaces
  • Dynamic labor standards

The Zebra YMS can be tailored to your needs based on yard size in order to create the most efficient yard possible.

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