A Closer Look at Intermec’s IP30 RFID Reader

Now that you know what an RFID reader is and how it works, I’d like to take a quick look at one type of handheld RFID reader to show you just what they’re capable of.  Handheld RFID readers allow users to take the technology to the point-of-activity rather than moving objects past a fixed reader.  In addition to a variety of warehouse applications, this makes handheld readers ideal for field service applications and use by your mobile workers.  The newest RFID reader from Intermec offers this kind of flexibility and power because it is capable of turning any of Intermec’s latest generation mobile computers into an RFID ready device.

The Intermec IP30 is the newest addition to Intermec’s selection of handheld RFID readers and it is the first system to be compatible with multiple mobile computers.  The IP30 add-on easily snaps-on the power of RFID to several of Intermec’s most powerful mobile computers, the CN3, CN3e, CK61 and the CK61ex.

When combined with the CN3 or CN3e (pictured at left), the IP30 provides integrated RFID and GPS capabilities, WiFi Bluetooth and WWAN, turning your CN3 into a mobile computer with unrivaled data capture and communication power.  This combination is ideal for real-time asset and service tracking because it enables pin-point location accuracy.


When combined with the CK61 or CK61ex (pictured at lower left), the IP30 creates a data collection powerhouse capable of reading RFID as well as 1D and 2D barcodes.  Combining RFID and barcode scanning is increasingly becoming seen as complementary rather than either/or, so this kind of flexibility is great investment protection.

As you can see, combining the power of mobile computers and RFID readers can offer numerous benefits.  Click here to learn more about the IP30, as well as Intermec’s other RFID readers, or feel free to contact me with any questions at ehodges@barcode.com.