A Closer Look at Data Matrix

Data Matrix is a high-density 2D barcode symbology that can encode characters, numbers, text and bytes of data.  Data Matrix is one of the smallest types of barcodes and is capable of encoding a large amount of data, making it the perfect choice for small item marking applications.  Data Matrix is also the symbol of choice for Unique Identification or UID marking because it can encode details such as manufacturer ID, serial number and part number.  According to AIM Global (Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility) specifications, Data Matrix can encode up to 2,335 alphanumeric characters.  The symbol is made up of dark and light square data modules and includes a finder pattern on the perimeter to help decode the data.

The newest version of Data Matrix, ECC200, supports advanced error checking and correction algorithms that increase the recognition of damaged barcodes.  In fact, the Reed-Solomon algorithm supports the recognition of barcodes that are up to 60% damaged.  Most barcode labeling software supports Data Matrix, including NiceLabel and BarTender.  Of course in order to read Data Matrix you must use a barcode imager that is capable of reading 2D symbols.  For more information about label software that supports Data matrix, or barcode imagers please contact me at ehodges@barcode.com.