Concurrent Planning Is a Huge Time Saver for Supply Chain Managers

If you constantly find yourself waiting with your current supply chain, whether it’s for simulations or data transfers, it may be time to seriously consider adopting supply chain management software that allows for concurrent planning so you can get everything done at lightning speed.

Concurrent planning looks at your supply chain as a whole rather than a bunch of individual links. This enables you to close the gap between processes, data and people to improve your sales and operations planning as well as your supply chain planning.

What Will You Do With Your Extra Time?

Running an effective supply chain driven by concurrent planning allows you to whittle down the time needed for the process of new order assessment from 14 days to just two. It would also allow you to slash the time needed for S&OP scenario creation and analysis from around 48 hours to just 40 minutes. As Alexa Cheater of the 21st Century Supply Chain Blog points out, that would free up enough time for you to get halfway to the moon on Apollo 11.

In addition, you could reduce the time needed for clear-to-build assessments from 48 hours to just one, giving you the time needed to walk around all of Manhattan twice if you were so inclined. You could also slash the time needed for assessing demand plan variation from two weeks to mere minutes.

There really is so much more you could be doing if you made good use of concurrent planning and the end-to-end visibility and cross-functional collaboration it provides. It gives you the chance to eliminate silos, connect the supply chain, and improve the speed and quality of your decisions. When things go wrong, you’ll not only find out sooner, but you’ll also be able to move faster to fix it. Take your time back, and you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish!

This blog post was based off of an article from Kinaxis. View the original here.

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