57th Anniversary of the Barcode Patent

google barcode

If you’ve “Googled” something today, you may have noticed that the Google logo for the day is none other than a barcode. While Google typically changes its logo for certain holidays, what is the significance of the barcode today? Today, October 7, 2009, is the 57th anniversary of the first patent of the barcode, so Google changed their logo to commemorate this important event in history.

Norman Woodland and Bernard Silver filed the first patent in October of 1949, which was then granted patent No. 2,612,994 on October 7, 1952. Although the patent was granted in 1952, barcodes were not implemented until June 26, 1974. Thus, the 57th anniversary of the first patent is today, while the barcode experienced its 35th birthday on June 26, 2009.

While it may have taken 22 years to take the barcode from a patent to a full implementation, the barcode continues to be used in today’s world of business.