Barcodes for Photographers

Foolography offers a solution for photographers that wirelessly connects barcode scanners to Nikon DSLRs.

Last week, the 2014 International CES show overtook fabulous Las Vegas. All of the latest and greatest in tech was on display, along with discussions from thought leaders around the world.

One company that stood out in the barcode world was foolography, a German company that specializes in premium geotagging devices and wireless barcode/RFID scanning solutions for Nikon DSLR.

Such a high-end camera doesn’t normally make it into the world of barcodes and RFID, but foolography aims to make photographers’ lives easier through technology.

At CES, foolography showcased their latest solution, “Unleashed.”

Unleashed is a small Bluetooth module that connects to Nikon DSLRs. The Bluetooth connects to a GPS that can be placed in the photographers’ camera bag or pocket. This enables geotagging on a DSLR, without the use of any cables directly on the camera. GPS data is then embedded in each photos’ metadata, no special software needed.

So… where do barcodes come in? Foolography offers an “Unleashed Barcode Edition,” which wirelessly connects a barcode, RFID or magstripe scanner to a Nikon DSLR. For photographers that shoot in large volumes, this means that an ID can be stored in each photo. After photos are processed, photos can be easily matched to the appropriate client/product. The Unleashed Barcode Edition automates the photography process, saving time and resources.

Learn more about foolographys’ Uneashed and Unleashed Barcode Edition Nikon DSLR add-ons.