Recently, guns have been the topic of many heated political debates—do gun laws violate our rights? Well, RFID is about to add fuel to the fire.

TriggerSmart recently patented a system that uses RFID to authenticate a guns’ owner. An RFID reader is embedded in the handle of the firearm in order to do so.

When Patrick O’Shaughnessy heard that a police officer had had his gun taken from him and used against him, he knew something needed to be done.

So, O’Shaughnessy and partner Ryan McNamara decided that RFID technology would be the perfect match for a prototype. By embedding a passive 13.56 MHz RFID tag with a unique number in a ring or bracelet worn by the gun owner, the RFID reader embedded in the handle of the gun will recognize it. Once the reader detects the tag, a microcontroller sends a message to a solenoid that is linked to the gun’s safety, allowing the owner to successfully pull the trigger.

However, if the reader does not detect the RFID tag, it will not allow the safety to disengage.

While TriggerSmart is still in its developmental stages, it is hoped to be ready in a few years in order to prevent guns getting into the wrong hands, such as those of a child.

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