Zebra Launches Free Material Flow ROI Calculator

Zebra Technologies recently launched a free material flow ROI calculator in order to help manufacturers evaluate their flow of materials in order to determine efficiency and cost savings opportunities. The Material Flow ROI Calculator evaluates how a manufacturer is maintaining and processing materials that support the manufacturing process and analyzes how they could benefit from a real-time asset management program, or LEAN pull system.

“Zebra has proven that through real-time visibility of assets, lean manufacturing can be more easily attained and more importantly, maintained, to bring sustainable benefits to a manufacturer,” said Jill Stelfox, vice president and general manager of Location Solutions

The free ROI Calculator only takes about five minutes and asks questions ranging from inventory value to staff size. Once complete, users receive a full Economic Impact Report, which denotes all of the potential saving opportunities.

Check out the free Material Flow ROI Calculator and start saving today!