Interview with Shane Snyder

It seems like just yesterday and we welcomed Shane Snyder to Barcoding, Inc., and he was named president only moments ago, but he’s already making quite the name for himself.

Shane Snyder was recently interviewed by The Bar Code News. While the interview touched on Shane’s experience, it also delved deeper into Barcoding’s recent acquisition of Miles Technologies.

Barcoding has been looking to increase its RFID footprint, so, according to Snyder, Miles had already established a good track record and penetration into the manufacturing niche. Leading into a greater conversation about RFID, when asked about RFID in niche markets, Snyder stated that while one-off solutions may not be very profitable, “Costs are getting much more attractive – you can build a great ROI story around it. Typical ROI seems to be about 12-24 months.”

Read the rest of the interview to gain insight into Shane’s thoughts on BYOD, NFC and more!