AIDC Predictions for 2013

As we begin 2013, its hard not to look back on 2012 and think what will be different in 2013. VDC Research recently discussed their AutoID predictions for 2013. According to VDC Research, we can expect:

Increased Market Aggregation
We can expect consolidation of barcode hardware to achieve growth across different verticals and regions.

More barcode hardware accessories will be marketd, such as sleds and/or sleeves to make consumer-grade devices friendly for the enterprise.

Mobile Labels
There will be more support for printing barcode labels on-the-go, ideal for field service and direct store deliver (DSD) applications.

Barcodes for Consumers
Barcode scanning by consumers on their mobile devices will continue to increase, as will overall QR code usage.

Mobile POS (mPOS)
More and more B2C businesses will use mobile POS systems, particularly in retail applications.

NFC-enabled phones will become more prominent, but it still won’t become the norm in 2013.

The use of RFID and RTLS in healthcare is on the rise—this will most likely continue in 2013.

Item-level Tagging
Item-level tagging in the apparel industry will increase as a result of already successful implementations from retailers such as Wal-Mart and American Apparel.

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