3G AT&T Network Now Available on Intermec Mobile Computers

The Intermec CN50 and CN4 were recently pronounced to be the first rugged mobile computers to meet the Mil Spec standards testing requirements, certified to operate on the new AT&T GSM/HSPA network, the nation’s fastest 3G network. Users of the CN50 and CN4 can now transmit and receive cell phone quality voice calls while simulaneously using data speeds that are faster than that of any other rugged mobile computers on the market today, enhancing the mobile ocmputer user experience with large data file transfers and interactive video applications.

The ruggedness of the CN50 and CN4 combined with the reliability of the AT&T network reduces downtime from damaged systems, enabling businesses to lower the total cost of owning a mobility solution. By joining forces Intermec and AT&T customers can leverage even the most intensive enterprise applications more quickly, efficiently, and reliably, ultimately maximizing overall service and delivery.

For more information on the Intermec CN50, you can learn more here.

For more information on the Intermec CN4, you can learn more here.