Laundry Service Company Tracks Orders in Real Time

Barcoding Inc. was recently featured in Business Solutions Magazine, which detailed a recent endeavor with Urban Hanger.

Urban Hanger is a laundry service targeted to apartment/office complexes and university settings where busy professionals and students don’t necessarily have time to drop items off at the dry cleaners, or keep up with laundry. In order to offer the highest level of convenience for their customers, Urban Hanger utilizes technology, offering a website and app to help manage and track laundry orders. To keep up with this constantly changing information, they needed a way to automatically track laundry pickups and deliveries in the field. That’s where Barcoding Inc. came in.

Barcoding Inc. was able to streamline Urban Hanger’s internal processes by integrating mobility and enterprise solutions, ultimately distinguishing them from their competitors and increasing their value proposition to potential building management companies.

The right mobile computer, paired with the right software, allowed the mobile solution to be a success and Urban Hanger customers can now receive real-time alerts. Learn how Barcoding Inc. was able to successfully pair the right hardware and software solutions for a successful implementation.

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