360 Barcode Scanners

360 barcode scanners will revolutionize the way we get groceries.

Have you ever been to the grocery store on a Sunday in a hurry? Goodluck with that. Between fall game days and getting ready to start a new week, Sunday is prime time for grabbing some groceries, but you’ll need to dedicate a large portion of your day to do so. Aside from the crowded parking lot and store full of people, when you’ve finally gotten your goods, it’s time to stand in line. Waiting patiently for the cashier to scan items, or trying your hand at the self-checkout line and hoping that you’re not stuck behind a first-timer— we’ve all been there—but no one wants to go back. Thankfully, we may not have to thanks to 360 barcode scanners, an ideal checkout solution.

Imagine being able to place all of your groceries on the conveyor belt, have them automatically scanned and off to the bagging station. With 360 barcode scanners, barcodes can be scanned from 360 degrees—it doesn’t matter how the item is placed on the conveyor belt.

The 360 barcode scanner is able to perform automatic scanning on multiple barcodes at once, processing goods twice as fast as traditional barcode scanners, and boasts 98 percent accuracy. Should the 360 barcode scanner come across an item with a damaged barcode, a picture of the item is taken and displayed, immediately alerting a checkout attendant that assistance is needed.

Rather than having to scan individual items, bag, and process payments, cashiers can now focus on bagging the groceries as they are scanned, ensuring the customer is able to pay quickly and move on with their day. The 360 barcode scanners save time, cutting back on long lines at the checkout and enhance both the employee and customer experience.

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