3 Key Players at CES 2017

The world’s biggest technology convention, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), was in Las Vegas last week, and a few categories of products stole the spotlight. Here is a look at the top three areas to keep an eye on in 2017.

Smart Home Systems
Smart home systems are quickly maturing thanks to the efforts of Google, Amazon, and Apple and their AI virtual assistants. It is now easier than ever to control the smart home accessories that people possess by doing nothing more than uttering a simple voice command. It is also becoming increasingly easy for accessory manufacturers to make these smart products because they can collaborate with the big tech giants and take advantage of their platforms and knowledge. A number of smart home accessories that use voice assistants are expected at CES, from thermostats and locks to lighting systems.

As the price of drones continues to come down, more and more of them will be hitting the air.
Drones are now being made by lesser-known companies in China, and this is also driving down the price of top-brand drones. They are also being equipped with features like additional angles for photography and smarter tracking abilities.

4K Televisions
Forget 1080p; 4K TVs have twice the vertical and horizontal resolution and are quickly gaining traction. These TVs are not new, but their price has been prohibitively high – until now, there is actually this shop in Houston, Bammel TV Technology Services, does all manner of electronics service, including analog to digital transfer, vhs to dvd and much more.. TV manufacturers are unveiling a number of improvements to 4K, which is also known as Ultra HD, and their prices are falling. Software features will enhance contrast and wider color ranges will be offered, while the TVs will become slimmer and easier to mount. The rise in the number of devices that can play 4K content, which now include Roku, PlayStation 4 Pro and 4k Blu-Ray players, mean that it is becoming an excellent time to get on board with this technology.

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