2D Judge: Verify 2D Verifiers

Earlier this year in Ohio, a group of ADC individuals created 2D Judge, which provides a way to verify 2D verifiers. Next-generation calibrated conformance standard test cards (CCSTC) to use with Data Matrix and other 2D barcode symbologies are already starting to be manufactured.

More specifically, 2D Judge is a high-resolution imaging system that can precisely measure and certify the reflectance and dimensional accuracy of barcodes on calibrated conformance standard test cards. Data Matrix 2D barcode CCSTC is the first series of test cards for a variety of different barcode symbologies that will be certified by the 2D Judge.

It’s important to note that the 2D Judge didn’t just come up out of the blue. It stems from long ago when the ADC industry realized the need for a way to verify verifiers for linear, or 1D barcodes. Prior to 1D verifier verifiers, there was no way to accurately confirm that verifiers were doing their jobs as expected until Sprague Ackley of Intermec Technologies decided to take on the project.

Today, with the ADC industry constantly increasing the use of 2D barcode symbologies it’s crucial that their barcode verifiers can also be verified.