2D Barcodes Tested by TSA

TSA Tests 2D Barcodes A few weeks ago, I wrote about Continental Airlines using 2D barcodes for boarding passes. Soon, this technology may become a standard for airport security. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) began testing 2D (QR) barcodes back in October, and was pleased with their results.

The 2D barcode system was tested at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, using law enforcement officers as the test group. With 2D barcodes, each boarding pass will contain personal information about the boarder. In this case, law enforcement officers were able to bear arms off and on duty on commercial airlines. Officers presented their encrypted 2D barcodes to airport security, which were then scanned and revealed their identity.

The system is extremely secure because the 2D barcodes are generated via fingerprints. Passengers simply have to swipe their finger over an optical reader, and a personal 2D barcode is created right there. Then, just before boarding, the passenger’s fingerprints are scanned again and compared with the previously created 2D barcode.

Not only will this new system increase security in airports, it will also save time. In addition, the possibility of fake boarding passes is completely eliminated. While the TSA has not released any official results on their trial, insiders say that the results will most likely be very positive.