2D Barcodes Make the Big Screen

2D Barcodes
Recently, I received information on Snappr.net’s latest and greatest project; bringing 2D barcodes alive with on-screen advertising. Partnering with Saazé Corporation, a provider of digital signage and broadcast media advertising, Snappr plans to become the first on-screen advertiser to actively use 2D barcodes in the US.

On-screen advertisements will fuel the relationship between 2D barcodes and mobile interaction in the US. This new method of advertising in the US will allow companies to create more interactive campaigns and enable access-rate tracking.

Together, Snappr and Saazé are exploring options for mobile coupons and interactive digital billboards. In order to attract target audiences, Snappr will air educational videos about how 2D barcode technology works.

For advertisers, this 2D barcode on-screen technology is a dream come true; it allows companies to reach large masses of people and also track their access rates. For consumers, this technology will be a huge convenience that will bring even more information to our fingertips.

In order to take advantage of this up and coming 2D Barcode technology, simply install a 2D barcode reader application on your cell phone. While many new phones are equipped with the readers, Snappr provides a mobile website which determines the best-suited reader application for your mobile device. Just go to http://load.snappr.net on your cell phone and you can download the most compatible reader for your phone.