2D Barcodes and Near-Far Imaging

Until recently, some organizations found it hard to implement 2D barcodes into their operations because of scanning limitations surrounding these high density symbols.  Because laser scanners can’t read certain 2D symbols, the only option is area imagers.  Although area imagers excel at reading 2D barcodes, they formerly could only read them within an arm’s length.  But that has all changed with the development of Intermec’s EX25 near-far area imager.  2D barcodes can now be read from 6 inches to 50 feet and organizations are finding it easier than ever to implement 2D barcodes into their operations.  In addition to providing a wide scan range, users can obtain many other benefits from Intermec’s EX25, including:

  • Read both 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Capture images
  • Scan in any orientation
  • Read damaged or poorly printed labels
  • Consolidate data capture in one device

This short video from Intermec showcases these benefits and displays what is possible with a near-far area imager.

The Intermec EX25 near-far imager is available integrated in either the SR61ex handheld scanner or the CK31ex mobile computer.  For more details on what these two Intermec devices are capable of when combined with EX imaging you should view this interactive Intermec Demo.

The EX25 is perfect for warehouse applications and is sure to meet your needs for today as well as tomorrow.  As 2D symbologies are adopted across more industries, you’ll be prepared to meet these changing demands.  If you would like more information about any of these Intermec products or have any questions, please contact me at ehodges@barcode.com.