2D Barcode Art: Sergio Kano

2D Barcode Art by Sergio KanoWhen barcodes meet art, Scott Blake comes to mind, but when 2D barcodes meet art, keep a look out for Sergio Kano.

This emerging artist recently exhibited at BAC! 08, an art show in Barcelona. Kano created QR codes of slogans of major brands in order to comment on the consumerist nature of the world today. By using a medium of 2D barcodes which require 2D barcode readers, Kano also explores the technological revolution as we know it. Since brands influence our everyday lives and style of lives, Kano believes that brands can communicate on an international level, but because of this, are also very superficial.

Throughout his exhibit, Kano posted signs informing viewers how to read his art, spreading awareness of 2D barcodes to all! To see photos from the exhibit, check out Sergio Kano’s work.