2015: The Year of IoT

It has been claimed for a number of years that IoT will solve all of the problems that arise from our domestic situations. For example, if one of your appliances breaks down, it will use the network to inform it’s manufacturer of the problem and they will provide a solution, without much intervention from the products’ owner. There are also IoT home security devices that can alert the homeowner of any changes in the homes’ environment while they are away via their smartphone.

The question is, when will these technologies become commonplace in our homes? Is 2015 the year of IoT? Last week, the perennially optimistic Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held, where experts and keynote speakers made the argument that 2015 will indeed be the year of ubiquitous IoT.

The crowdfunding platform kickstarter is currently flooded with projects related to IoT technologies, promising to revolutionize your domestic experience. For example, a startup from Cambridge named BeON Home managed to attract $100,000 last month from users of the crowdfunding platform. Their project is for lightbulbs intended to make it appear that you are at home while you’re out in order to discourage potential home robbers.

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