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The #SupplyChainGeek Network is a digital community where members foster and support an open, innovative, and inspiring discourse in supply chain management and mobile technology best practices and thought leadership. It’s free to join and is sponsored by Barcoding, Inc.

How did the #SupplyChainGeek Network Get Started?Barcoding_SupplyChainGeek_272

At Promat 2015 (a MHI conference), we showcased a #SupplyChainGeek theme to help promote our new value equation “EAC=C3″(By providing efficient, accurate, and connected solutions, we help companies cut costs, increase cash, and improve customer experiences.) It was a huge hit!

Once we got back to the office, an idea was born. We surveyed our audience and found there was need for a digital network to share ideas and to help spread supply chain thought leadership across different industries. There are so many great #SupplyChainGeeks out there – we just wanted to develop a place for everyone to share and be heard.

[As a fun fact – the logo was designed by our CFO’s daughter! We’re all family here!]

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