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Wireless Systems: Extend the Enterprise

Wireless Applications & Services

Businesses succeed today because they are fast, not vast. Instead of holding large stockpiles of materials and finished goods inventory to meet customer commitments, companies rely on fast information exchange to drive responsive enterprise and supply chain systems that adjust to dynamic production, distribution and service needs.

If information is old, it's wrong. And when information is wrong, systems stop, shipments are delayed, and service and productivity suffer. Wireless technology has become essential for getting accurate, real-time information when and where it’s needed.

Now companies are finding new ways to use wireless to create a competitive advantage. They’re leveraging legacy wireless LANs to provide automated asset tracking and to connect their workforces with wireless voice-over-IP (VoIP). Real-time responsiveness is being extended beyond the four walls with GPS and wide-area voice & data networks for dynamic dispatch and remote access to enterprise information.

Wireless can reach almost anywhere your business goes. But there are still disconnects between what businesses need from wireless systems and what they get. For example:

  • A wireless LAN may cover your warehouse or factory, but will your wireless devices survive there?
  • How will enterprise applications handle real-time data? And how will wireless devices handle enterprise software applications and screens?
  • How can you lock down your network without locking into security technology that may become dated or unsupported?
  • What will managing and securing a wireless network do to your IT support requirements?

Before starting a wireless project, make sure your solutions provider is grounded in all the aspects required to make a system successful. Many providers can hang access points and install radio cards, but can’t make the connection between wireless technology and business value.

Barcoding Inc. doesn’t just provide wireless technology, we solve business problems. At Barcoding Inc., we understand the value you get from your wireless systems depends on the reliability, responsiveness, and security they provide. We’ll show you how your options for integrating wireless systems with business systems along with how that impacts your ROI and total cost of ownership. We’ll help you see the benefits of supporting specific operations with wireless technology, hidden costs associated with incomplete integration or standalone systems, and how wireless and enterprise systems can work together to give your business the information it needs to get ahead.

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