rfid by barcodingTwo-Way Radios by Barcoding™

Two-Way Radios by Barcoding™ delivers the latest in two-way business radios to support the communication needs of your business. Two-way radios offer your employees the ability to improve productivity and become more efficient, accurate, and connected within your organization.

Two-Way Radio Communication

Motorola CLP Series

CLP Series radios are designed for hotels, restaurants, and retail environments. Available with Bluetooth or swivel earpiece

  • CLP1010 UHF On-site Two-Way Business Radio
  • CLP1040 UHF On-site Two-Way Business Radio
  • CLP1060 UHF Bluetooth On-site Two-Way Business Radio
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Motorola CLS Series

CLS Series radios are designed to be compact, lightweight, and affordable options for on-site communication.

  • CLS1110 UHF On-site Two-Way Business Radio
  • CLS1410 UHF On-site Two-Way Business Radio
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Motorola DTR Series

The DTR Series offers greater coverage and longer battery life for small business communication.

  • DTR410 Digital On-site Portable Radio
  • DTR550 Digital On-site Portable Radio
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Motorola RDX Series UHF OR VHF

High power RDX radios are designed for harsh job-site conditions like constructions sites, manufacturing floors, retail warehouses, and school cafeterias.

  • RDU2020 On-site Two-Way Radio
  • RDU2080D On-site Two-Way Radio
  • RDU4100 On-site Two-Way Radio
  • RDV5100 On-site Two-Way Radio
  • RDV2020 On-site Two-Way Radio
  • RDV2080D On-site Two-Way Radio
  • RDU4106D On-site Two-Way Radio
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Motorola RM Series UHF OR VHF

The RM Series of radios feature smart business alerts like NOAA Weather Alerts and Channel Aliasing with Announcements to help organizations deliver in the moments that matter.

  • RMM2050 On-site Two-Way Business Radio
  • RMU2080D On-site Two-Way Business Radio
  • RMU2040 On-site Two-Way Business Radio
  • RMU2080 On-site Two-Way Business Radio
  • RMV2080 On-site Two-Way Business Radio
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Two-Way Radio Accessories

Two-Way Radios by Barcoding offers a full range of accessories to support your radios and to increase overall productivity of your radio communication.

  • Antennas
  • Holsters and Belt Clips
  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Audio Accessories
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Services for Two-Way Radio Success

GoLive Services™ - Deployment Made Easy

  • Hardware Inspection
  • Battery Charging
  • Staging and Programming
  • Testing
  • Kitting
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StayLive Services™ - Maximizing Uptime and Productivity

  • Asset Visibility: Barcoding Online Services (BOS™) Portal
  • Tier 1 Help Desk
  • Tier 2 Help Desk
  • Spare Pool Management
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All orders come with a one-year warranty!

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