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Inventory, Shipping, Receiving, & Picking (ISRP) Software

Small Warehouse Order Fulfillment and E-Commerce Software

/iSRP SoftwareIntelliTrack's Inventory Shipping Receiving Picking (ISRP) software is ideal for small to mid-sized warehouse operations. When a "Bigger WMS" is just too much, ISRP is just "Right". The application is comprised of four fully integrated functions; Inventory, Shipping, Receiving and Picking.

ISRP Inventory effectively maintains your inventory with physical inventory and cycle counting capabilities. Powerful utilities, such as a move and edit feature, allow you to keep up with the demanding pace of a warehouse environment. Use the built-in reports and queries to monitor and manage your inventory.

ISRP Receiving can operate as a standalone application by using the Receiving form or with your existing purchase order system to import open order details. When an order is received, portable bar code readers are used to put away the order. Validation of order number, part number, put-away location, and quantity reduces errors and speeds up the receiving process.

ISRP Picking can operate standalone by using the Picking (Customer Order) form or with your existing customer order system to import open order details. When an order is picked, portable bar code readers are used for validation of part number, location, and quantity. This reduces errors and increases the accuracy of the picking process.

ISRP Shipping validates picked order details to packing box and generates shipping labels. Shipped orders and carrier information can be exported to billing for expedient and accurate invoicing to customers.

Features & Benefits of ISRP Software
Feature Benefit
Access 2000 front-end and MSDE back-end. SQL Server back-end option. Written in Microsoft Access, Visual Basic….SQL stored procedures. It’s very flexible. Users can create custom reports, forms and queries with Access 2000.
All fields are user-definable. Supports multiple languages. There is almost no limit as to how you can describe and track your items….and it speaks different languages.

Handheld portable scanner support

Receive Pick and Ship, Move, and Inventory Items and Cycle Count with a point and scan.

Portable Time and Date Stamp

Know exactly when an item was picked, received, putaway, moved, inventoried or added……more.
Paperless Receiving and Picking Confirm receipt against purchase orders.
Confirm picks against customer order.
Customer and Vendor databases Manage complete inventory from receipt to shipping.
Import Export. Flexible Interfacing with accounting, ERP, MRP, or other business systems.

ASCII files transfer (Import/Export), MSDE and SQL Interfacing, ASN, Compliance Labeling,.. .more.

Items are tracked to a location You’ll know exactly what you have and where it is located.
Maintains a complete history of an items life cycle See who is using what and what is being used by whom. It gives you the information you need to make informed and sensible business decisions.
Serial #, Lot Tracking, Expiration Dates Very important in many applications such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and others.
Prints Bar codes Print Item, location, and custom bar code labels.
Multiple units of measure and letdowns Receive in cases or boxes and relieve in eaches.
Directed Put-away and Picking Hand Held directs users to the appropriate locations to pick and putaway items. Optionally, users can print bar coded pick and put-away reports.
25 pre-loaded reports Gives you meaningful information so you can make informed decisions. Write your own reports too!
Exception Reporting Find out what’s missing. Helps you identify shrinkage and maintain an accurate inventory.
Reconciliation Let’s you pre-check all of the data prior to updating the main database. This ensures data integrity.
Security levels User name and passwords let you restrict a user to view only access or 5 other levels of access.
Network Support Lets you deploy the database on a server and access it remotely from your company's LAN or WAN.
Look-up Tables Helps you maintain consistent data and data integrity.
On-Line Help It’s simple and straightforward to operate and understand. You’re never lost with on-line help.
Supports Unlimited Sites, Locations, and Items You can manage an unlimited number of items in an unlimited number of sites and locations.

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