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Inventory Control Solutions

Inventory Management

Stockroom Inventory Management or Inventory Control refers to the operation of stockrooms, supply depots, and small warehouses, where inventory is consumed. Large office buildings, hospitals, emergency services, and schools are the prime candidates for this type of solution.

Inventory Management covers a range of solutions including Fixed Asset Tracking, Warehouse Management Systems, Check In / Check Out Applications, and more.

Inventory Control Software

  • Asset Tracking Software

    You need to maintain an accurate inventory of your valuable fixed assets, including computers, phones, office equipment, and office furniture. Some organizations need to count fixed assets once or twice a year, but are discouraged by the complexity and time required. The use of barcode asset tags greatly simplifies the process, taking only one tenth the time and providing a more accurate count.

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  • Warehouse Management (WMS)

    A Warehouse management system helps you track inventory operations inside your facility, or outdoors if you have a stockyard. From inventory control, shipping and receiving, to order fulfillment, a warehouse management system helps you manage your warehouse properly, potentially saving thousands of dollars or more, every month.

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  • Check In / Check Out Solutions

    Use Check In/Out software for tracking the movement of people, inventory, or other objects, thereby enhancing security and reducing losses. Our Check In/Out software documents the location of samples or specimens in laboratories. It also tracks files and evidence, recording the chain of custody.

    Track personnel using bar codes incorporated into ID badges. Track inventory in storage rooms, equipment rooms, and tool rooms, where items are consumed or checked out for periods of time and then returned. Offices, hospitals, emergency services, military units, repair shops, and schools are prime candidates for this type of solution.

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  • Package Tracking

    Within your facility you can track the delivery of packages, parcels, mail, luggage, and valuable documents; and electronically capture a proof of delivery signature. Package tracking is one of the most requested applications from the Barcoding, Inc. website.

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Inventory Control is Important

You need Inventory Control software to prevent waste, facilitate reordering, and prevent stockouts that disrupt your operations. Stockroom Inventory software provides an economical way to track inventory in just a fraction of the time it would take to count and monitor the items manually. Automatic barcode scanners provide accurate information, and allow for immediate reporting.

View an instant presentation online, or download a free demonstration version of IntelliTrack Inventory Control Software.

Northwest Georgia Medical group tracks their inventory using IntelliTrack DMS software and PSC mobile computers.

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