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Package Tracking Software

Track Packages Internally

Within your facility you can track the delivery of packages, parcels, mail, luggage and valuable documents, and electronically capture a proof of delivery signature. Package Tracking is one of the most requested applications from the Barcoding, Inc. website. Large mailrooms and shipping/receiving docks use our package tracking systems to increase accuracy and reliabilty.

Improve Efficiency with a Package Tracking Solution

As shipping companies such as Fed Ex, UPS, and DHL continue to drive down the cost of express shipping, it has become increasingly important for companies to continue the efficiency in the "last mile," and make sure that a package delivered to a company overnight reaches the recipient on time. Large mailrooms and shipping/receiving docks use our package tracking systems to ensure packages arrive on time.

Package Tracking Software

  • IntelliTrack Package Track

    Intellitrack Package TrackIntelliTrack Package Track is an easy-to-use system for tracking the receipt of packages, mail, or luggage from a mailroom or loading dock to the recipient's location. Packages that have a FedEx, UPS, or any other barcode label are easily received into the system using a handheld terminal with barcode scanner. Packages are then delivered to the recipient, scanned, and a signature is captured on the handheld device to document proof of delivery.

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tektrackTekCore TekTrack

Whether you run the mailroom or operate a front desk, TekTrack® is the complete, inbound package tracking solution that will help improve your package processing operations. Replace error-prone, manual logging with TekTrack and a barcode scanner to maximize efficiency while minimizing errors. TekTrack improves your accountability for received packages with proof-of-delivery receipts and detailed search & audit history reports. Reduce your processing time while benefiting from automation features like parcel carrier identification, alerts, recipient notifications, reminders, and more.

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Typical Package Tracking Solution


IntelliTrack Package Track
IntelliTrack Package Track
collects proof of delivery

IntelliTrack Package Track
Barcoding Inc.'s Package Tracking Solutions combine everything you need to start automating your package delivery system. Off-the-Shelf software joins a Microsoft Access database on the PC, and a Windows Mobile based handheld computer with an integrated barcode scanner using imager technology. The software will allow you to scan in packages as they are received using the existing barcodes, assign packages to the recipient, collect a signature upon delivery, and generate daily reports.


  • Generate reports for internal package tracking.
  • Record time and date stamp for receipt and delivery.
  • Capture electronic signatures.
  • Automatically email final receipts upon delivery.


  • Reduce time from mailroom to recipient.
  • Reduce time spent looking for lost packages.
  • Increase efficiency in the mailroom.


Motorola MC9090 / Symbol MC9090
Symbol MC9090This mobile barcode scanner is well suited for scan intensive applications and the availablity of RFID configurations means this device can do most anything you need it to. When it comes to mobile computing inside the four walls, you will be happy you chose the Symbol MC9090.

Motorola is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial mobile computers. Their focus on imaging technology and shipping & receiving applications make their units an ideal fit for Package Tracking solutions.

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