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Asset Tracking

You need to maintain an accurate inventory of your valuable assets. Some organizations need to count fixed assets, like  computers, phones, office equipment, and office furniture, once or twice a year, but are discouraged by the complexity and time required. The use of barcode asset tags greatly simplifies the process, taking only one tenth the time and providing a more accurate count.  Other companies need to track the movement of their portable assets,things that have a circular life cycle like gas cylinders, home medical equipment and chemical containers.  An asset management solution uses barcodes or RFID tags to collect accurate data that enables better control over the assets and increases revenue opportunities.

Asset Tracking Software Solutions

  • trackaboutTrackAbout Asset Tracking and Management

    TrackAbout provides relevant, accurate information that enables better control over your portable assets. It automatically and intelligently corrects the challenges of the real world—such as missed scans, syncing devices out of order, billing mistakes and rental disputes—that make keeping track of your assets a daily struggle.  With TrackAbout, you’re empowered to respond faster to customer needs and take advantage of revenue opportunities.

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  • IntelliTrack DMS: Fixed Assets

    Intellitrack DMS: Fixed AssetsIntelliTrack Fixed Assets tracking software provides an efficient, cost-effective method to track fixed asset inventories of capital equipment, computers, and furniture, and to calculate depreciation.

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  • RedBeam Asset TrackingRedBeam Asset Tracking

    Track computers, equipment, furniture, vehicles and other valuable assets on your PC using this comprehensive fixed asset tracking application and an easy-to-use barcode scanner.

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  • epcSolutions - Asset Management and Tracking

    epcSolutions LogoRFID asset tracking systems use a network of location based RFID fixed readers or mobile RFID handheld readers to track RFID tagged assets. Inventory counts are no longer dependent on physically having a person locate the asset first and then lining up the asset’s barcode with a barcode reader. Moving an asset through a reader’s read zone or the vicinity of a handheld will automatically update the system.

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  • Savant WMS - Inventory Module

    Savant LogoSavant supports both full physical inventory and cycle counting. Inventory can be counted using wireless scanning devices. The information obtained by the scanner is updated to the Savant inventory files immediately, reflecting the proper count.  Lots, serial numbers, and/or CodeDates can also be updated as part of the cycle count, if desired.

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  • eQuip! - asset management and tracking solution delivered as Software as a Service

    equipeQuip! is an easy to use and cost effective solution to manage the enterprise assets, including physical and IT assets, throughout their life cycle. The application’s easy interface with excel sheets makes data import/export and custom reporting quick and intuitive. The application has built in support to bar code readers, RFID readers, and GPS devices. In addition, the application provides web APIs and SDKs to easily integrate with procurement, financial reporting, and other operation systems

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